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How I Got Started &
Why I Love Being An Ordained Minister

Denise the wedding officiant

Welcome to my page! I hope you stay a while. For starters, I am an insightful, laid-back, humorous, and creative wedding officiant. My warm nature naturally puts clients at ease and helps to create a memorable ceremony.

I bring a unique background w/me as a wedding officiant in Washington, D.C. & Maryland. I’m also open to destination weddings with advanced notice. I am prior-military & have traveled the world, so I’ve spent time with and around dozens of different cultures. My experiences help me to guide clients toward a calm, peaceful, and rewarding ceremony experience.

I have an energetic personality and I’m eager to provide wedding services to suit your specific needs. I try to find ways to add a personal touch to weddings, and this has garnered exceptional reviews. Simply put, I enjoy helping others. I especially take pride in reading testimonials and reviews from people I’ve helped & provided services to. I often hear, “If not for Denise…” & it’s both humbling & exciting. Instead of listing what I love & enjoy, I welcome you to spend time with me & see for yourself.
Denise is an ordained minister
I am an ordained nondenominational minister. I hold a Master’s in Business & another Master’s in Military Arts & Science. I am currently enrolled in another master’s program in Marriage & Family Therapy. My background is in Air Traffic Control, and I am based in Washington, D.C. When I have spare time, I enjoy traveling, mentoring, writing, and hopefully, with you as I plan your ceremony. Oh, and I love sports! Willie is my sidekick-husband, and we have two diva daughters, Mia & Kai. Love wins.

How It Works

Many things need to happen to successfully perform a wedding. As an ordained minister and your wedding officiant, you can rest assured that your special day will go smoothly.
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State Laws & Statutes

Each state and county has different laws and statutes regarding weddings and unions. Find out what you need to do so everything is filled out and filed correctly.

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Licensing Requirements

This is normally issued by a church or by a state authority. The requirements can vary and change over time. I can help you navigate the paperwork and timeline to get your marriage license and certificate.

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Ceremony Scripts

“We are gathered here today…” is just the beginning. There are vows, the ring exchange, pronouncement, recongition of the parents, charge to the couple, declarations–feel free to browse through these scripts.

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